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Vigilante Ziprider

Vigilante Ziprider in Branson, MO
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5586 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

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The “Vigilante Extreme ZipRider” is Branson’s biggest blast on a zipline! You’ll launch from Inspiration Tower from a height of 170 feet, then soar up to 50mph down from one of Missouri’s highest peaks, and out over the beautiful Ozarks’ countryside! Unlike most ziplines, the “Vigilante” doesn’t require a lot of uncomfortable rigging or harness fitting, or a long list of riding instructions; nor does it require the rider to do anything other than enjoy the thrill of flying through the air, safely secured in a comfortable seat. Designed to automatically brake as it descends cable gradients between 5% and 40%, and to slow itself to a stop at the bottom, guests can just breeze through the fresh mountain air and enjoy the trip! You’ll zoom down over a mile and half, and then take a scenic shuttle ride through the homestead back up to Inspiration Tower. And because four riders launch side-by-side at one time, it’s easy for a family to zip together! Here’s all you need to know:
• Athletic shoes or other tightly fitting footwear is required. Sandals or flip-flops will need to be removed.
• Like most rides, physical requirements are simple; you must weigh between 75 and 275 pounds and be at least 52 inches tall and no more than 80 inches tall for comfort and safety in the “ZipRider” seats.
• Age doesn’t matter! You only need to meet the physical guidelines and make your own determination whether or not your health permits you to ride.
• You’re responsible for any loose items, and you’ll need to secure them. Best to leave them locked in your car!

The most important thing you need to know is that Branson’s “Vigilante Extreme ZipRider” is fun, exhilarating, and sensational entertainment for the whole family!

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